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Long before your products end up here, a designer has to put your product into a CAD layout. Do you have up to date CAD symbols of all equipment readily available in a standard excepted AutoCad format?

Layout concept

CAD Symbol Solutions

Mayflower Design provides CAD symbol solutions to foodservice companies that are included, or wish to be included in The KCL CADalog. What Mayflower design offers is a simple solution to a complex problem, namely building CAD symbol libraries that hold up to the exacting standards set by KCL.  Knowing the layer schemes, line types, and just how much detail is required is critical to a successfully drawn AutoCAD symbol.  If your drafting staff is unfamiliar with these standards, or just doesn’t have time to manage a symbol library let Mayflower Design help.

Who Needs CAD Symbols

Certainly the need for foodservice equipment starts with the end customers. It's the entrepreneur that wants to open his first restaurant, or the big restaurant chain that has a store in every major city. But who chooses which equipment brand to buy? Many times it's the restaurant design consultant agency. Or sometimes it’s the restaurant designer sitting at a CAD station doing a CAD layout, searching through the KCL CADalog for a CAD symbol of a fryer, a broiler, or maybe a pizza oven. It could be a choice made simply out of convenience. Take it from a CAD developer who’s done restaurant layouts; if I need a particular brand or type of equipment and it isn’t offered in KCL chances are I’m going to grab something that’s close, and that might mean a competitors brand.

Are you willing to take that chance? Or do you want to give your company every advantage? Maybe you should see for yourself who's included in The KCL CADalog.

Then ask yourself these questions:

  • Are All my Products Listed in KCL?
  • Are my CAD Symbols All Up to Date?

If you answered, “NO”, to either of these questions and are interested in our services, please check out the process section of the site. And find out how you can get your companies foodservice equipment listed, or updated in KCL.