Small CAD Station

CAD Stations
CAD stations come in all sizes. Restaurant consultants are often on the road, with little time to create their layouts.

CAD Symbol

The CAD Symbol
CAD symbols are used by restaurant designers, consultants, dealers, chain accounts and architects/engineers around the globe.


What I need from you:
Tell me about your project! (Getting started is very easy)
  • Visit My Contact Page, fill out and submit the short form
  • *Obtain a sample CAD file in DWG, or DXF format
  • *Obtain a corrisponding Spec sheet
*After submitting your form from my contact page, I will send you more contact information so you can send the files.

Getting Your Project Quote:
After receiving all your information I will write a quote based on the information. Once I have confirmation that the quote has been accepted, your project is ready to be scheduled. Confirmation must be in the form of an email, or letter.

What I create for you: What you can expect upon completion of your KCL CAD symbol project:
  • Draw New/ Update existing CAD symbols views based on available CAD data, or sufficient reference materia
  • Name each model view, (usually there are 3)
  • Update/Create KCL Data Spreadsheets
  • Update/Create Equipment Utility data XML file
  • Upload all New/ Updated file into the KCL System