Product Pans

Do you have a plan for your pans?
If not, Mayflower Design also does Plan-O-Grams.

Our Purpose

Essentially what Mayflower Design does is fill gaps. With ever expanding costs, in conjunction with the added pressures and responsibilities associated to offset those cost, many marketing/engineering departments are stretched. Our purpose is to levitate that burden, and offer assistance with those tasks that might otherwise get put on the back burner, or even be ignored all together. Mayflower Design offers a value added service that is cost effective, and essential to any foodservice equipment manufacturer that wants to take advantage of every resource available in order to stay competitive, or dare to be an industry leader.

Services offered include:

  • CAD Symbol Development and maintenance
  • CAD Layouts, (Commercial Kitchen, Office, Factory)
  • CAD Misc, (Idea drawings or basic drafting updates)

When you think of CAD services, please keep in mind Mayflower Design, and drop us a line.